Counseling Ministry

Every Christian needs discipling and encouragement from other Christians. If you would like counseling for any spiritual issue, please contact Roy Cornella (email). Roy is an experienced counselor, who is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Roy also earned a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from The Master's University.

What is Biblical Counseling?

(Adapted from The Master's University Philosophy of Counseling)

Biblical counseling is based on the conviction that the Holy Bible is the Word of God, and as such it is true, authoritative, and sufficient for all matters of faith and practice. This authority and sufficiency extends to the realm of dealing with the problems and issues people face. Four key features distinguish biblical counseling from other forms of Christian counseling or secular psychology.

Biblical Counseling Is Christ-Centered.

Biblical counseling focuses on who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for us by his life, death, resurrection, and sending of the Holy Spirit. Biblical counseling also focuses on what Christ is doing for us right now in his intercession at the Father's right hand and what he will do for us in the future. Biblical counseling recognizes that we are unlike Christ in our thoughts, feelings, and actions because we are sinners. There is only one solution to our sin problem: we must be redeemed, justified, and forgiven through Christ, who will enable us to replace sinful patterns with godly patterns of living.

Biblical Counseling Is Gospel-Centered.

Biblical counseling is conducted by individuals who have themselves put their faith in Christ and have repented of their own sins. Biblical counselors believe God will freely give us all that we need for godly living and transform us to be like Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Biblical counselors want to live in obedience to Christ, and their main goal is the glory of God. These theological convictions control the counselors' personal lives along with their counseling theory and practice. Biblical counselors seek to replicate this gospel-orientated lifestyle in their counselees.

Biblical Counseling Is Bible-Centered.

Biblical counseling looks to the Bible to determine the nature of mankind and their problems. The Bible reveals why people have problems and how to resolve them. Thus, biblical counseling is firmly based in God's revelation, which is sufficient for dealing with the issues men and women face.

Biblical Counseling Is Church-Centered.

In the present age, God is working through local gatherings of people who believe in and are committed to Jesus Christ. These local churches are God's instrument for proclaiming the gospel to the lost and for applying the gospel to his people, in order to transform them into the likeness of Christ. God uses the local church to help his people to put off the old self (manner of life) and to put on the new self. Biblical counseling is conducted under the authority of a local church and its leaders.